To apply to the University of Montana Communicative Sciences & Disorders post-baccalaureate leveling program, follow the instructions that follow.
During your senior year as a CSD student, you have two Capstone opportunities to fulfill your upper-division Advanced College Writing requirement (CSD 430). You must have senior standing to engage in the CSD Sr. Capstone experience.

OPTION #1: Mentored Research Opportunity
This competitive option provides you the opportunity to participate in a research lab-based mentorship with a CSD faculty member.  If awarded this opportunity, you will enroll in both the academic course (CSD 430) and independent study credits (CSD 498) under the guidance of your Faculty Research Mentor. If you are awarded this experience, you will complete a mentored research project that includes a research proposal manuscript, a poster presentation for MSHA and/or UMCUR, and an oral presentation. Faculty Research Mentors will have an ongoing project or will be developing a new project that you will work on collectively as a lab. This mentored research opportunity is a two-semester commitment.

OPTION #2: Traditional Senior Capstone: This non-competitive option provides a workshop-based research and writing experience (CSD 430).  You will work with the instructor of the course to develop a research topic and research paper. The final product is an extensive literature review with a focus on evidence-based practice and an oral presentation. This traditional capstone opportunity is a one-semester commitment.

ALL juniors MUST complete the Sr. Capstone Application to be eligible to register for the CSD 430 course (either option). Please complete the following online application. The deadline for this application is March 30, 2018.